Delta to plan new routes to India and the Middle East


Following the extraordinary non-event of an agreement with the UAE over Emirates and Etihad, which gave nobody anything they didn’t already have, but allowed the necessary face-saving for everyone involved, Delta has said it’s eager to get to India and return to the Middle East.

Quite what has been stopping them doing so is a total mystery. There have been no blocks in place, it’s been entirely up to them. They were flying to Dubai as late as 2015 and only withdrew because they claimed, of ‘too much competition”. Quite what they think has changed is hard to fathom.

It’s very typical of American airlines to blame others for their failings – and Delta have plenty of those as I and others found out on our flight to Detroit from Amsterdam yesterday. I never waste time in Economy, but some of the group did out of choice. You can see their review here tomorrow.