Etihad likely to cancel and change aircraft orders

Etihad, having lost $2 billion in the past year, and having watched as its entire “equity partner” programme collapsed, with the failure of AirBerlin and Alitalia, then Darwin Airlines, is undergoing a massive review.

Nothing is apparently off the table and ‘sustainable growth’ is the phrase of the moment.

With 62 A350’s and 52 787’s on order, both manufacturers look set to be dealt a significant blow – cancellations seem inevitable, and delays to the delivery of what remains are by all accounts “unavoidable” as the airline changes course.

In total Etihad has 88 Airbus and 72 Boeing aircraft on order – with the airline seeming to accept that an aggressive growth strategy is no longer the way forward, some analysts are predicting a deep cut in long haul aircraft – as much as 50%, and a refocus on smaller, longer ranged aircraft to Europe and the Middle East, leaving long haul aircraft for the US, Far East and Australia, and a few airports like Heathrow and Frankfurt.