British Airways set to order up to 30 777-9/10?

IAG chairman Willy Walsh announced at the earnings call for IAG that the group was in advanced negotiations with Boeing for a large wide body order that could see up to 30 777-9’s or 10’s going to BA. A decision is expected within a week.

Walsh always regretted only taking on 12 of the 773ER and said the airline should have had more. The existing 772 fleet is ageing but is expected to serve until 2030 when most will be over 30 years old. The 12 773ER’s are all leases with the first due to be returned in 2022.

When asked about Norwegian – he seemed exasperated that they were not accepting the takeover offer. One analyst asked if he felt they (Norwegian) could survive as they are and Walsh bluntly answered “No”, but would say nothing else. Norwegian’s stock price fell 10% during the day.

Walsh also indicated that the airline wasn’t happy with delays to A320neo production and had made their feelings known. There was even the hint that the 737 might be on the cards but mixing the fleet wouldn’t be a sound economic move.