Qantas to end 744 to LAX, SFO

As part of the continued winding down of 744 services Qantas is ending flights to LAX on December 19th. They’ll be replaced by a demand led A380 or 787-9 service. The A380 operating through December and January peak periods twice a week.

The four times a week service to SFO will also be replaced by 787-9’s, with 744’s only operating peak flights.

The first A380 flights will start on Tuesday 4 December to LAX with a phased withdrawal from SFO of the 744 over peak period.

The A380 service to Dallas is to run six days a week but Qantas warned that if the DoT refuses to allow the joint venture with American Airlines, the route would be cut.

Qantas is reducing its 744 fleet to 6 aircraft by 2019, but these will continue flying until the arrival of whichever aircraft is chosen for the non-stop ‘Project Sunrise’ aircraft.