El Al to end 744 operations


Israeli national air line El Al is to end 747-400 operations.

The airline has scheduled the final 744 flight for the 19th March 2019 but may bring the date forward. The last flight will be from Bangkok to Tel Aviv Ben Gurion International.

El Al operates 6 744’s at present, all being replaced by 787-9’s. In total it operated 8 744’s, 1 743, 12 742’s and 5 741’s. The first 741 was delivered in June 1977 as 4X-AXZ.

One 747 famously managed to avoid being shot down by terrorists using an SA-7 shoulder mounted IR SAM as it left Mombasa. Eye witnesses said it deployed counter measures as it climbed, Israel of course, has never acknowledged such an event.

Seen in 1991, the first El-Al 747-100F, now cargo