FAA curtails 787 ETOPS on 178 aircraft

Airlines flying Boeing 787’s powered by a particular variant of Rolls-Royce engines using the Package C core, face substantial disruption.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) placed restrictions on how far from an airport the airplanes can fly.

The directive, effective Tuesday, restricts those planes from operating more than 140 minutes from an airport they can divert to in an emergency, substantially down from 330 minutes the aircraft are designed for.

Rolls Royce said the measure affects 383 engines currently in service. Boeing said that about 168 787’s, a quarter of the worldwide fleet, have at least one of the affected engine models.

What does this mean for airlines -potentially longer flights – they have to stay within 2hrs 20 minutes of an airport capable of landing the aircraft.  This only really matters over the Pacific, parts of Africa and the Atlantic.