Rolls Royce says another 200 787’s need more inspections

Rolls Royce dropped another bombshell on an already irritated customer base Friday, when it announced that its Package C Compressor required removal and inspection on some 400 Trent-1000 engines spread across 200 aircraft. Everyone from BA to ANZ and LATAM are affected, with so many aircraft needing yet further intrusive and time consuming investigations.

Rolls Royce doesn’t have spare parts or engines to cover off so many issues.

It raises yet more questions about the technology, material science and development programmes used in an industry under constant pressure by Boeing and Airbus, to deliver on time and on schedule.

Clearly as this, the GE 777-X and P&W GTF sagas all indicate, the engine business is a long way from truly putting into service a problem free engine from day one. That age old phrase ‘commercial acceptability’ – it’s good enough to go BUT the customer is the real test subject, seems to be the trade off for manufacturers too anxious to sell completed air frames.

The question is how long before something happens before the problems are spotted. That’s what testing and certification is supposed to find.