What’s Malaysia Airlines up to?

It’s been a matter of a few weeks since Prime Minister Najib signed an MOU for 8 787’s with Boeing, while on a state visit to Washington DC. Bearing in mind he faces a tough election and is under investigation by the FBI for misappropriation of funds to the tune of $1 billion.

So much to everyone’s surprise why did Malaysia Airlines apparently issue, then deny, only to have recipients confirm, that it had issued request for 20-30 aircraft tenders for A350’s or A330neo’s?

The rumour mill suggests the new CEO of Malaysian isn’t at all happy with being forced by the Government into 787’s, simply to make the Prime Minister look good on an overseas visit that could affect his election chances.

Analysts found the order a bit strange too. Eight 787’s in a fleet of Airbus A330’s and A350’s makes little financial sense. More training, more maintenance issues, more cost and fewer synergies. Why would a relatively small airline order a small number of expensive aircraft that don’t make economic sense?

Malaysian authorities were quick to stamp on any rumour the Boeing deal – which isn’t signed and finalised – is in danger. Clearly someone senior at the airline isn’t happy though.

The fact remains that Malaysia Airlines has been constantly and continuously used by governments as a pawn to match the interests of whichever political party is in power.


2 thoughts on “What’s Malaysia Airlines up to?

  1. what’s the problem? MAS and Boeing has a very long partnership together and 787 is a very flexible wide body and way superior than A330neo talking about range. Plus, Boeing is also bringing MRO business into KUL and that will bring multiple economy effect to Malaysia. In fact those A350s and A330s are leased anyway. so, what’s the problem?


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