Virgin America final flight announced for 24 April

Virgin America’s final revenue flight will operate as VX1948 between San Francisco and Los Angeles. The flight normally leaves at 2122 to arrive at LAX by 2300, however on April 24th, it will depart at 2132 which makes it officially the final revenue departure for Virgin America.

It will mark the end of error and many passengers are deeply unhappy about it.

The loss of the brand is something that every airline in the US is delighted about. All of them, especially Alaska did everything possible to throttle the airline at birth 11 years ago, from legal and ownership rights challenges to government interference.

In many ways getting it off the ground, then successfully challenge the competition was a truly remarkable achievement.

Virgin America set the standard for customer experiences – JetBlue Mint, was just one example of where airlines developed services to compete.

Over the next two years all aircraft will be repainted, interiors changed to Alaska standard and the brand eradicated.