Airline fees to be made transparent in U.K. US gets more secretive…

The U.K. Government is announcing plans to force airlines to end exorbitant fees for rebooking and name changes, along with ensuring excess baggage, checked baggage, and other mysteriously vague airline charges, often buried in small print, are made clear at the time of booking.

This is in sharp contrast to the United States where airlines have been lobbying to revoke pretty much all legislation that forces US airlines to be clear about their charges. The Trump administration is already working on relaxing the regulations and eventually ending them. It may come as no surprise that the leader of the pack in unwinding the rules – designed for consumer protection – is United.

This will place US airlines in the odd position of having to sell flights from the U.K. under UK regulations of openness, while US passengers won’t really know what they’re paying for, when buying in the US for tickets to the U.K.