News updates from previous stories:

Stobart Group will not be buying Flybe – the two parties couldn’t agree on terms and Stobart wasn’t looking to make a hostile take over.

Lufthansa is saying it will move more A380’s to Munich if Frankfurt Airport doesn’t do something about the speed of loading and servicing. The huge A+ concourse is designed for up to 4 and the airline feels that it simply isn’t being operated efficiently enough. The new Lufthansa biometric gates at LAX and Munich loaded an entire A380 in twenty minutes. Frankfurt doesn’t yet have these systems.

Austrian Airlines is again cancelling up to 150 flights as strikes affect the schedule. The airline has in many ways bullied its way past objections and operational issues in past years, but its room for manoeuvre is now reduced. Staff want a better deal.

Boeing isn’t going to appeal the Bombardier decision, meaning the saga is now effectively closed.

Brazil’s President isn’t exactly thrilled at the Embraer-Boeing deal either and there is significant opposition in Brazil’s parliament.

A huge new terminal has opened in Muscat, Oman for the use of Oman Air principally. The old building was considered cramped and retarded the airlines expansion. Emirates sent the 773ER Year of Zayeed livery to celebrate the launch.

Oman Air isn’t aiming for global dominance but is trying to claw back much of the business that passengers have taken by driving to neighbouring Dubai, there own airline being considered second rate until now.

ANA has confirmed that Peach and Vanilla will merge. Vanilla will eventually cease to exist and be rolled into Peach. The process will be finished by the end of 2019 to maximise opportunities for the 2020 olympics.

United terminated bookings for its pet transport programme over a seriously damaging PR disaster and 3 mis-transported dogs and another killed in an overhead bin from staff incompetence, all in one week.

The programme will be revamped, training requirements assessed and outside assistance acquired to get staff to be more considerate – and systems redesigned to ensure problems don’t happen.