United kill a puppy – forcing it in an overhead bin

Is there really no depth to the stupidity of United cabin crew? Or even their ground staff?

On Monday, crew forced a woman and her daughter to place a puppy in its carry case, in to the overhead luggage bin where it died.

My questions: why did ground crew allow it on board and why did nobody say to the passengers what the consequences of flying with the puppy in the cabin (even in its carry own specialist bag), would be?

Why were cabin crew so insistent on such a clearly cruel and unthinking, never mind inconsiderate and inhuman, action? Did nobody understand how outrageously stupid this idea was?

Clearly thinking about the passenger, the puppy and the woman’s crying daughter, never mind the companies reputation for cruelty to passengers and animals which hardly needs making worse – didn’t even cross their minds for a second.

In under a year they battered David Dao, killed a specialised breed rare rabbit in cargo, managed to insult and or degrade enough customers to fit in a flight by themselves and killed a puppy.

United – a great way to die. 18 of 24 pet deaths on flights happened on United in the last year.

United are ‘investigating’ and say it should never have happened on the flight from Houston to LaGuardia. Buy it did United – and it was your staff who made it happen, through ignorance and stupidity.