Virgin Atlantic reveals new Product – just as reported last September

You read it here first almost six months ago – Virgin Atlantic is moving ahead with its new fare structure as a counter to offerings from airlines like Norwegian.

As reported, nothing will change in Upper Class, but Premium Economy (which Virgin was first to launch almost 30 years ago as Mid-Class), will be renamed simply Premium.

The economy section is where the action lies. Six seats will be removed from 787-9’s and an extra leg room economy row will be added. Passengers will also be able to have limited access to cabin baggage only fares, but not many of these are likely to be available on each flight.

If the eagle eyed among you have noticed, the offering isn’t dissimilar to that on Delta airlines, who, after all effectively own Virgin Atlantic through their direct 49% holding and their proxies AF-KLM.

Wether or not the changes – and the cabin luggage only fares do anything other than act as a lure is unlikely. The extra leg room seats will be more profitable as they’ll come with improved amenities as well.

Three types of economy fare will be on offer, Economy Light, Economy Classic and Economy Delight.

These subdivisions rarely have much impact as flights over 7 hours, passengers tend to go for the middle option or above.

Hand baggage only light fares rarely impact 7+ hour flights – but might be OK for limited numbers on weekend trips to New York or Boston.

The airline is also working to upgrade its catering in economy for the higher end fares.