Airbus A380 too expensive for BA, A350 good for Lufthansa

Willy Walsh of IAG said yesterday that the price Airbus we’re quoting for a follow on order of A380’s was so high ‘it wasn’t worth wasting two seconds on’. British Airways is said to be looking for another 6 aircraft. However, the airline isn’t adverse to second hand aircraft when it’s viable – large numbers of its A320’s weren’t new when purchased, especially the Gatwick fleet.

With a growing number of second hand A380’s inevitable in the coming years from Emirates who knows what options might be available.

Meanwhile Lufthansa is looking at more A350’s – and may even consider the -1000. The airline is said to be delighted with the economy and overall customer satisfaction the aircraft has generated in daily use. It ordered 25 and is now looking at as many as another 20.