Lufthansa set to change new livery after just three weeks


It seems that Lufthansa’s new livery has not been welcomed with open arms. The airline is, like it or not, the German flag carrier – even though it hasn’t ever really carried the national flag on its tail in the same way others have.

Like all national flag carriers, you must have an eye beyond customers and colleagues to the public at large – and the public at large aren’t overly pleased.

There is though, no way the powers that be will submit to the humiliation of a major change. Under the cover of a carefully crafted story saying that the tail blue looks darker than was expected in certain conditions, the plan is to tweak the colour lighter and brighter.


As many will tell you, the ability to simulate what a colour will look like anywhere on the planet at any time of day in any environment and in any condition, has existed for a very long time. The Mercedes-Benz Maybach custom design centre had a facility that could show a customer what their chosen car colour would like anywhere in the world in any season on any given day in any weather – 16 years ago.

Once the revised colour has been selected – expect a lighter version of the current dark blue, the existing new liveries will be repainted again. The aim is to swap 40 aircraft over this year – and the whole fleet won’t be fully rebranded until 2024!

Do not though, expect to see the yellow crane return. No airline or its management would be happy to endure the humiliation of being seen to have made a mistake. British Airways World Tails – which were innovative but universally loathed in the UK, especially by the right-wing press, were a lesson no airline will willingly repeat, proving disastrous PR for BA that went on for over three years, until it re-adopted the Union Flag version in 2003 – and it’s made no effort to change it since.