IAG chief Willie Walsh continues to undermine Heathrow expansion

Does he think Heathrow is the best choice? Yes. Does he think the economic case exists for Heathrow’s expansion? Certainly – give or take the odd reservation.

Does he think Heathrow can deliver Heathrow’s expansion on time and inside its budget? Not even one tiny little iota.

Sitting in front of MP’s on the Transport Select Committee today, WW told them they shouldn’t trust Heathrow an inch. Well he would wouldn’t he?

Willie Walsh and IAG have waged a clever war of attrition against Heathrow from the minute it became apparent a third runway might actually, after 40 years of dithering by government, finally happen.

They use a two pronged method to undermine it. They always say it probably needs to happen, and it’s possibly a good idea. While out of the other side of their corporate mouth endlessly undermining confidence in the only organisation who can manage and build the extension: Heathrow Airport itself.

IAG simply don’t want expansion at Heathrow. It totally undermines their monopolistic position with almost 60% of slots allocated to IAG airlines. Expansion means facing easyJet and others right in their own back yard – and they’ve crucified BA at Gatwick over the years, forcing it to duck and dive and eventually succumb to their way of doing things. It’s been a hard pill to swallow.

Come hell or high water, IAG never stops finding ways to undermine the third runway, always sowing doubts and casting shade onto Heathrow’s management.

WW and IAG are a hard nosed bunch of profit mad accountants who don’t care how they get their way as long as they do.