Qatar takes delivery of its first A350-1000

Qatar Airways took delivery today, 20th February and will begin operating the new version on the 24th on the Doha-London route.

The next destination will be the US east coast. In Qatar Airways’ configuration, the A350-1000 will seat 326 passengers—44 more than the -900s it already operates.

Airbus suggests typical seating of 325 for the A359 and 366 for the A35K. In particular, the larger -1000 offers an additional 10 business-class seats, thanks to the arrangement of the emergency exits. The range is the same for the two variants, at 8,000 nautical miles.

The -1000 features aerodynamic changes such as a wing twist, extended winglets and tweaked flaps and fairings for enhanced fuel efficiency. In the cockpit, an emergency automated descent system has been created to prevent an accident in case a rampant depressurization causes the pilots to faint. If the system detects simultaneously a cabin pressure drop and inaction from the crew, it will start a fast descent to an altitude where the pilots will breathe normally.