Lufthansa App changes Feb 7th to 8th 2018 and the big brand reveal that wasn’t.


The Lufthansa App, probably one of the best airline apps on the planet, has changed its branding, raising the question on everyone’s mind; Why is it yellow and why did you take yellow off of the aircraft?

The brand disconnect, where yellow is everywhere except on the aircraft livery, has lots of people wondering what Lufthansa were thinking?

The brand reveal, posted live on Facebook was a bit of a flop, seeming to go on forever only to reveal a white 747-8i with a blue tail. They say it’s logo is while or is it silver? The presenters didn’t seem to know. One of them stood there in a bright yellow rain coat and matching everything including boots, as though to show some kind of continuity, as a huge slab of bland aircraft sat in the background. Great light show, but it seemed like an anti-climax when branding, that could easily be Joon or Airbus house colours from a distance, seemed to score “nil points” on the enthusiasm monitor.


The thing that kept hitting everyone was why is the yellow – a new shade of it – still around everywhere except where it matters – on the aircraft? New uniforms – strong on yellow, the apps, the branding, everywhere yellow.

And to think someone was paid millions of Euros to come up with something less interesting than watching a Panda sneeze on Youtube.

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 16.33.27.png

Lufthansa’s app went from one shade of yellow to another, but with white on black. The main landing page went from light to dark and Lufthansa in yellow became white, and the old livery 748i just vanished!

I find the new branding perfectly acceptable until it gets to the aircraft exteriors. To me, and almost everyone else I know, the yellow not on the aircraft is a massive, appalling mistake and a branding disaster. Either keep it or dump it, but never go for this halfway house of neither one nor the other. Your aircraft are the centre of your airline’s visibility, colour matters. I’d love someone to explain what they think they’ve achieved by this.