Lufthansa to fly on a tour of Germany and Europe with new livery

With the arrival of the somewhat non-descript and emotionless livery, Lufthansa is taking the first two aircraft on a tour of various airports in Germany and for some reason, Paris CDG and Milan Malpensa MXP.

A320 D-AISP will fly the following starting at 0640 on February 7th:

Meanwhile 748i D-ABYA will fly around Germany…

There have also been some interesting reactions to the livery. One ‘expert’ blamed consolidation and the lack of need to differentiate brands when so little choice exists. Couple that to a need to be inoffensive, and that millennial customers are generally so polarised in attitudes. Another consideration of course is cost, as shareholders demand more return cheaper liveries and global branding means bigger profits.

Either way the general feeling is the majority who care don’t like the change because it’s boring. Everyone else probably won’t notice.