Qatar deal with US is meaningless

The deal with Qatar lauded by the USB3 and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson as bringing one of the ME3 to heel is one of the most ridiculously empty and substance free pacts anyone has ever made.

The Qataris have done no more than formalise what they already do – provide accounts information on the airlines business, but in a way the US airlines can understand.

They have not actually promised to do anything. They’re willing to not start fifth freedom flights at the moment but have made no promise they never will.

In fact by the time you get to the bottom of the agreement, there isn’t a single firm promise, agreement, or solid undertaking in the entire document.

It’s worth no more than the paper it’s written on. And other analysts are seeing through it too. ATW’s Karen Walker castigated the agreement as the ’emperors new clothes’ – basically believe what you like but there’s really nothing there.

Delta, American and United have gained nothing but a PR spin that will enable them to leave Qatar alone. Qatar as a state gets off the hook with the US Government and puts one over on its neighbours UAE and Saudi Arabia. The UAE is home to both Emirates and Etihad. Neither of them are interested in a similar deal.