British Airways planning to order more A380’s

British Airways didn’t want to order new A380’s. It was adamant that it wanted more but it also didn’t want to pay for them. So it looked around for used.

This turned out to be fruitless. Malaysia wanted too much money and the cost of conversion to BA spec was too high.

The Singapore Airlines aircraft were already too old and all first build aircraft with high fuel use and several operating quirks the airline could do without.

In effect there was nothing else, and the 12 in service were proving invaluable at slot restricted Heathrow. They were a passenger favourite with high utilisation. The only thing left is to order more.

It all depended on Emirates. If they ordered more, and the production line stayed open, the new Plus version would offer some small operating cost improvements – and the aircraft were expected to last 30 years.

BA was also feeling the pinch of loosing its 747 fleet too age, nothing had really replaced them and they’d been the backbone of the operation for forty years. BA had operated 58 at peak. The A380 was still a viable solution to many route capacity issues, especially to the US.

So, BA’s owner IAG has started the ball rolling for more new aircraft. As many as six have been suggested. It seems the A380 may well have found a new lease of life.