Lufthansa livery change is happening but won’t be too radical

I’ve been given unofficial confirmation that the first Lufthansa aircraft to have the new livery will be finished within a few days but there’s no date for when it will be revealed.

The indications are this is more in line with the change AirFrance carried out, yellow will be retained, the Lufthansa name may be larger and the blue may be expanded.

This fits with the airlines evolutionary approach, and won’t require huge alterations to infrastructure and uniforms. Digital materials are easily modified.

The AirFrance change was so subtle the majority of people didn’t even notice it had happened, and while Lufthansa may be a little more daring, I doubt it will be a revolution.

Think more along the lines of what Austrian did. Retain the core colours of red and white and dropped the sky blue. It wouldn’t shock me to see the grey go from Lufthansa.

This being Lufthansa look for a cost efficient change. Enough to be different but not disrupt its globally recognised image