Korean Air fleet renewal to see end of more 744’s, older 777’s & 737’s

HL7460 will leave service this year

With a raft of new aircraft set to enter service this year, including 4 787-9’s (total 9) and as many 777-300ER’s (total 24), and another 8 CS300’s due in 2018, Korean airlines has announced a reduction in its fleet of older aircraft.

The 744’s are likely to leave first as the 773’s come into service, with just three remaining in passenger use (HL7460, 7461 & 7402) all 19-20 years old, it will be the end of 744’s in the airlines passenger fleet, although 9 will continue in cargo for the forseeable future.

The airline runs the second largest fleet of passenger 748i’s after Lufthansa (19 in service) with 10 aircraft.


At the same time the 787-9’s will effectively replace 4 of the 14 passenger 772’s the oldest of which is 20 years.


The CS300’s will replace 737-800’s on a one for one basis, the oldest date back to 2000-2001.

There was a brief, and incorrect rumour, that the airline would retire its first A380 in 2018 but Korean Air press department quickly corrected any misunderstanding.