RyanAir re-enters the battle for Niki

The Niki saga continues as the entire process has now been reopened to all interested parties. RyanAir has decided it wants to bid again, having withdrawn last time.

The crucial aspect here is La Palma airport in the Balearic Islands which has no spare slots. Niki has a substantial number allocated to it and is one of the biggest airlines flying there – it operates more flights there than it’s home base of Vienna.

As a major tourist and holiday destination Vueling are desperate to have it – it’s right on their Barcelona home’s doorstep, and IAG are committed to getting it for them.

The entry of RyanAir who want Niki for the same reason, will almost certainly mean whoever gets it will pay far more than IAG was to have done first time round, before courts in Germany and Austria decided the whole thing had to be re-bid in Austria.