Centurion Cargo may never fly again


Despite pulling out every stop in the legal framework available to it the FAA seems totally unimpressed with the ability of Centurion Cargo’s managers to bring the airline up to the standards required and in their words “show fitness to operate”.
The FAA, while conceding the airlines has the right to operate has said that;

“Although Centurion states that it still has access to a management team and substantial funding, it did not provide evidence to demonstrate it still meets the department’s fitness criteria or that it is taking necessary steps to return its FAA-issued operation specifications to a level which would allow it to resume operations.”


Despite suggesting it wasn’t willing to do so and it was unusual to even be asked, the FAA agreed to give the airline until 30th March to prove itself. If it hasn’t met that deadline, the FAA made it clear that the airlines licences would be revoked.

The odd aspect of all this is that the same management team operate SkyLease which has a pair of 747F’s and an MD-11F on its books in active service. One of Centurion’s MD-11F’s being used by Skylease Cargo in November 2017 was damaged landing at Sacramento when its wing tip hit the runway in fog.

Centurion has reduced its numbers drastically, many of its aircraft were re-possessed by unpaid leasing companies. Its business was principally perishable fruit and vegetables out of the US to Europe, mostly Amsterdam.