Norwegian to shove more seats in Premium Cabin, more routes from U.K. to Americas

Norwegian have announced a 60% increase in the size of its Premium cabins on the next 20 787-9’s with updates eventually to the entire fleet.

While more seats will be available this as always, comes at a price. The old 46″ seat pitch is to be slashed to 43″. The biggest reason people choose these cabins is leg room so that’s not a small change, but in my experience as long as it’s above 42″ most people are fine with it. That is until the seat in front tilts back.

The seats themselves are not changing, just more and closer together! The total will rise to 56 Premium and economy will stay at 282. The old Premium layout had just 35 seats.

The fact remains that Premium Economy is a profitable seat, always in demand and Norwegian have been a bit surprised at how readily they sell. However by removing the legroom they risk damaging the product you might think?

Frequent travellers on Norwegian are few and far between, new customers or once a year vacationing types won’t even notice and Norwegian won’t be mentioning the change. They weren’t excited about talking about it now. If you don’t know what you’re missing you’re not going to do anything about it.

New routes include Buenos Aries and Austin, Texas, and Chicago, all in competition with BA who operate routes from Heathrow. The two seem ever more inclined to clash on routes out of London’s airports.

Norwegian will also increase frequencies to Oakland for San Francisco, and LAX.