Ryan Air has applied for a UK AOC – as Brexit worries fail to ease.

easyJet has already started preparing for Brexit – as a British company it now has an Austrian AOC and aircraft based in Vienna. If it has to it will move its HQ to the city to stay in the EU, a prospect that grows more likely with each day.

The reverse is the case for Ryan Air, they’re already headquartered inside the EU, at Dublin, Ireland. They’ve now had to create a new Ryan Air UK Ltd and apply for an AOC.

When granted it will allow the company to fly UK domestic routes as a UK company and not fall foul of the foreign ownership rules.

It’s slowly becoming accepted fact that no matter what the UK government thinks it might like, any aviation agreement is going to be limiting in one way or another, so it’s only prudent that these companies make an effort to accommodate what they can now.

Expect more airlines to do the same as the year progresses.