United are adding 24 more seats to a 753; are you sitting comfortably?

The new slim seat will mean United can shove 24 more customers into a 757-300.

That will take the total to 234 – 210 of them in economy.

It takes more time to get more people on and off the aircraft, and you know how airlines hate long turnaround times.

The overhead cabin bin sizes haven’t changed, so basic cattle class carry on will be even more fraught as not everyone will get their bags in.

United win here as well, because if you can’t get it in the bin and you can’t get it under the seat in front – and 90% can’t or don’t want to because it impacts their foot/leg room, already less than generous. So United will add a charge for taking off you and putting it in the hold.

Of course they’ll realise that you know that, so stand by for an increase in the amount of checked baggage. United win again. Oh look! Another fee. And thanks to the allegedly business friendly Trump administration, you as a customer don’t deserve to be told in advance what those charges are, the regs that required that have been dumped.

The slimline seat is a fact of life. Good slimline seats are actually a pleasure and better than the ones they replaced. They weigh less and burn less fuel, and frankly the one Lufthansa use on their A320’s is positively comfortable, roomy and ergonomics have ruled the day.

It’s a tight fit shoulder to shoulder especially with three adult men in a row, but flights are rarely more than two hours and it’s bearable.

The thing with United is that they’ve chosen just about the worst (and cheapest) seat on the market. I don’t think anyone could have trialled it, the expectation is that you’ll just put up with it.

And what can you do? Pay more for a better seat – United win again. Or not fly United. If you don’t you’ll be hard pressed to find an airline that is even marginally better as they all shove more seats and more of us, onto their aircraft in search of yet more profits.

If you have to fly and you can’t afford to spend more than the minimum- this is the new world of airline travel. Service isn’t what you get. You owe them for letting you fly, not bumping you for someone more important, or suspecting you for having lice, or using a foreign Arabic sounding language, or just plain “looking different”. After all you don’t want to make the pilot feel uncomfortable about flying you, and god forbid you raise the ire of cabin crew for asking for something. You do know what you paid for don’t you?

“Thank you for flying United, we know you have no choice”.