Airbus pressures Emirates with subtle leak on killing the A380

It’s all part of the game. Airbus leaks a Christmas midweek story from ‘sources’ to Reuters saying it’s now decided it will consider shutting down A380 production once existing orders are fulfilled.

It’s quite an elaborate story that started to spread quite quickly, reported word for word and, of course in headline style, when there isn’t much news and those who live to hate the A380 are sure to jump on it.

It said nothing we didn’t already know, except it said that Airbus were now thinking they would close the line. Unless…Emirates made that 36 aircraft order.

So the one thing Emirates are afraid of – the A380 being a non- current type they can’t replace and they built their business around, is now how far Airbus are prepared to say they’ll go if Emirates don’t step up with the order.

It’s virtually the only card they have left to play and Emirates know it. If they want more aircraft Airbus have laid down the gauntlet.

With Airbus looking at reductions to 8 in 2018, 6 aircraft per year from 2019, production will end around 2022, and 36 aircraft will stretch that to 2028/29.

Emirates it appears, now have the ball in their court.