PIA & the mystery of the stolen A310

Pakistan International has pretty much always been riddled with scandal. Not only is it the worst airline for safety – it has more casualties per year than any other – it’s financial scandals and corruption are almost endless.

The latest involves a stolen A310. It was flown from Pakistan to Leipzig in Germany, and then sold for a mere €47,500.

What the thieves thought they were gaining for such a relatively small amount of money seems bizarre. Two pilots, the former German CEO of PIA and another German ex-PIA employee were involved.

The whole thing is truly bizarre why go to all this trouble for so little return, knowing that PIA would claim the aircraft back as an illegal sale?

Why is the Pakistan Government trying to keep it quiet? Constantly down-playing what happened while furiously investigating? More to the point what was the A310 carrying?

Somebody was paid off to fuel the aircraft, someone in Air Traffic Control let it take off and planned its route.

Pakistani journalists are trying to uncover what’s happened but hit a road block with Government intransigence over the issue.

Just another airliner mystery?