Lufthansa start dropping the Regional brand


Lufthansa seems to be ending the Regional group. Cityline don’t paint the engines and belly Lufthansa Grey, but they’ve started removing Regional from the main branding…

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 11.40.19

‘Regional’ was a grouping that covered Lufthansa Cityline and their Italian “Alpine” subsidiary Air Dolomiti. Before this they used to call it “Team Lufthansa”.

Originally Lufthansa Regional brand covered Augsburg Airways flying on contract, before its demise and incorporation into Lufthansa itself. The now defunct Contact Air was also a member (it collapsed when Lufthansa failed to renew its contract in October 2012), and the Eurowings brand which in October 2014 transferred to GermanWings.  The later was the prefered name for what is now the Eurowings operation, after the GermanWings flight tragedy of March 2015 led to the dropping of that brand.

Lufthansa hasn’t yet taken down its main corporate Regional web page yet,but it seems Regional has served its purpose and no longer makes any sense. With Cityline aircraft flying all over Europe to major airports, it’s not really a regional business.