Virgin Atlantic leasing A330-200’s?


Virgin Atlantic has added route details for a Manchester based A330-200 operation, replacing the current A333’s.

Manchester – Atlanta 02MAR18 – 31MAY18 A330-200 replaces -300. Planned 747-400 service scheduled from 26MAR18 (2 of 7 weekly), has postponed till 27MAY18
Manchester – Barbados 17MAY18 – 31MAY18 A330-200 replaces -300
Manchester – Boston 23MAY18 – 30MAY18 A330-200 replaces -300
Manchester – New York JFK 01MAR18 – 14MAY18 A330-200 replaces -300
Manchester – San Francisco 22MAY18 – 29MAY18 A330-200 replaces -300

The aircraft are G-VMIK formelry D-ALPB of LTU and Air Berlin, and G-VWND from the same source, previously D-ALPF seen below. They will be leased from DVB Bank. More schedules are expected to be posted.