Virgin Atlantic buys back one of its A346’s

G-VNAP, one of Virgin Atlantics A340-600’s was returned to its lessor after ten years back in February 2015. Named “Sleeping Beauty” she’s been in stasis in Lourdes, France at Airbus’ storage facility ever since.

Well it seems Prince Charming has brought her back to life and she’s already been flown to Manilla for maintenance and preparation for a return to service. The airline has actually bought the aircraft outright. As A340-600’s are nearly worthless I doubt they paid more than around £4m for her, if that.

I’m mildly curious as to what she’s going to get as an interior, as these are nearly always removed on hand back at lease-end. The aircraft had also been repainted into a full white livery at Manchester, as is normal practice when a lease ends.

Surely this means that we’ll get her back in the current 2011 standard livery? Gemini Jets made a heavily sold model of her wearing an incorrect version of it, (G-VNAP Review) but in reality, until lease-end she was only ever painted in the rather dated Purple Wrap tail livery.