Malaysia Airlines A380’s to remain in service

If you’re starting to get confused about what’s happening at Malaysia Airlines you won’t be the only one.

Yesterday it became apparent that A380’s were being scheduled onto the London route during peak periods June 13-September 3rd.

The airline claims its being sensible and will utilise the aircraft flexibly to meet increased demand. It will make reward seats available more often and refurbish parts of the interiors.

The Hajj subcontracts will also be operated by the A380’s. The airline claims that all of the A380’s will be reconfigured – but possibly not as radically. One has to ask – or maybe not?

It seems that even with the A350’s Malaysian seems happy to see that it’s able to expand business on demand with the A380’s.

There’s a huge amount of political interference in Malaysia and its known that senior government members think the A380 is a matter of national prestige.

With two non-Malaysian CEO’s in a row seemingly disillusioned enough to leave in short order (though officially they went to explore other opportunities – one to Emirates and the other back to his old role at RyanAir), it seems the government has again forced a rethink from behind the scenes.

Only time will tell what actually happens – who knows who will change somebody’s mind over their future in the coming months?