EU confirms Brexit means flights stop on 19 March 2019

Brexit calamity awaits British airlines and airports if there is no agreement. Now the EU has finally laid out what will happen. Read on…

The EU Commission has stated the formal repercussions of Brexit that take effect, unless there is an agreement to say otherwise will mean the following for airlines.

  • As of 0000hrs 19 March 2019 no European or U.K. flight may enter the airspace of the other.
  • All CAA issued AOC’s will no longer be recognised in the EU
  • Airlines not owned 51% or more by EU companies with a head office in the EU will not be allowed to fly from or to the U.K. or apply to do so.
  • The U.K. will cease to be part of the EU-US open skies arrangement
  • UK airlines will have no rights to operate or fly to or from any EU state, or over their territory. EU flights will not be allowed to fly over, to, or from the U.K.
  • UK registered and owned aircraft will need to be inspected and meet standards equal to or better than those operated by EASA, facilities registered, and maintenance approved before consideration for operations by an EU owned company can be considered.
  • In effect, all EU-UK flights will be grounded until agreements are reached.
  • Air traffic management cooperation with the U.K. would cease.

At present the U.K. side is saying it may stay in EASA, but that doesn’t directly counter all of the above facts. An urgent air travel agreement has to be a top priority for all parties. And most of all acceptance of the European court has to be agreed to, despite that being one thing U.K. Brexit extremists think should never happen under any circumstances.

Brexit and it’s consequences were never fully or fairly explained to the U.K. public, caught up as it was in a welter of fake news and made up stories.

So far the indications are an agreement will be reached that leaves everything as it is, costs us £39 billion and we have no say in any of the future rules.

Brexit is a looming disaster for Britain.