Flybe pulls out of Shetland, LoganAir quietly jubilant

This is a scenario played out now and again around the world in remote corners with small regional airports and airlines.

Flybe decided to fly to the Shetland islands in the far north of Scotland – offering routes from Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. LoganAir already flew the routes.

Yesterday Flybe withdrew stating disappointing numbers as the cause. Logan Air is professional language it has to be said, is thanking its customers for remaining loyal – apparently they experienced an increase in passengers – and pointed out they had always said there was only room for one airline.

These long thin routes are ideal for airlines like LoganAir, Flybe should have known better – they are specialists in the very type of route LoganAir were and now continue to operate alone.

LoganAir has agreed to honour Flybe tickets to January 8th.