Fedex Express buys 50 Cessna 408’s

FedEx Express (FedEx), a subsidiary of FedEx Corporation, announced it has entered into a purchase agreement with Textron Aviation that will continue the modernization of the company’s fleet of feeder aircraft.

FedEx Express has agreed to purchase 50 specially designed Cessna SkyCourier 408 with options to purchase up to 50 additional aircraft.

Delivery of the first aircraft is expected in mid-2020, with subsequent deliveries on a schedule of one aircraft per month over a four-year period.

Cessna SkyCourier 408 key features:

• twin-engine, high-wing turboprop

• digital cockpit

• aft Large Cargo Door (LCD)

• flat floor cabin equipped to handle up to three LD3 containers and a 6,000 lb. maximum payload

The recent order by FedEx for ATR72-600F’s coupled to this order will contribute to a significant modernisation of the carriers feeder network.