Berlin Brandenburg to be given an opening date

The worst run airport development programme in European history, The new airport for Berlin, Germany looks like it might actually open.

On December 15th the final roll out and testing plans will be scheduled and agreed with an opening date in the middle of 2019 expected.

The next 18 months will be spent in testing the extensively replaced fire suppression system that failed to function two years ago and had to be completely stripped out.

On top of that other electrical, door and gate problems had to be resolved. The airport has been largely finished for 2 years. However with Berlin passenger numbers at record levels and Tegel quite literally bursting at the seams (it deals with 8 times it’s designed capacity), an opening date will be welcomed. Tegel will close when BER opens.

The new airport has to be maintained as though it were fully functional to ensure everything works when it finally goes live and has become something of a tourist attraction.

Plans are already being established and planning permission sought for a north terminal extension and a new pier building to deal with expected traffic. The airport is 6 years late with work having started in 2006. It’s expected to handle 34m passengers a year.