SF Express buys 3 744F’s on Taobao

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 17.28.58.png

Chinese cargo company SF Express (Part of SF Airlines cargo) helped merge e-commerce and airline operations Tuesday, buying all three 744F’s formerly of Jade Cargo, paying around $18m US for one and around $22m for the other two, on Chinese auction site Taobao which is China’s equal to eBay.

Six attempts at private auctions had failed, and bidders were asked for a (refundable) $1m deposit before biding. the aircraft fetched about 20% more than the asking prices.

The aircraft were being sold by the Schenzen Judiciary to raise funds to pay off taxes and debts owed by the collapse of Jade Cargo in 2013.

SF Express has a stunning livery and applied to a 744 it’s going to look amazing.