Boeing 797 one step closer

Boeing moved a step closer to formally producing the 797, an effective 757 replacement that will sit in the 250-275 seat range, between the 737-10 and 787-8.

Company veteran and 777X chief project engineer Terry Beezhold has been transferred to the new ‘797’ team, the company confirmed.

Boeing has not yet assigned roles for members of the team but with the 777-X now effectively nailed down in design terms, they’re looking to advance the 797 project to the next stage.

It’s been suggested that Boeing has as many as 250 initial orders in its inbox for the 797 and its widely believed Emirates is one of them. They’re keen to push into medium-long thin routes underserved from Dubai and unsuitable for 777’s and A380’s.

A formal launch of the 797 could come as early as Farnborough in July 2018.