Last day of Dubai sees rush of orders

Thursday was the last day of the Dubai show, and it saw a flurry of orders thatactually put Airbus ahead in the ridiculous who’s winning the order book race that seems to obsess journalists.

SCAT Airlines ordered 6 737-8 Max, Dubai based CDB Leasing ordered 90 A320neo’s and Air Senegal ordered 2 A330-900neo, making it the fist airline in Africa to order the type.

Senegal airlines A320

Overall it was a relatively subdued show. Not a word from Etihad on its future plans, and no orders. Qatar was banned from attending because of the current blockade that so obviously isn’t working.

Despite Boeing winning the strategically important 787-10 order from Emirates, the massive 430 A320neo order puts Airbus truly in the lead by around 3000 units when it comes to who will supply the worlds low cost airlines with aircraft over the coming years.

And of course while there was more than a tad of embarrassing back and forth over the lack of an A380 order, that’s not over with yet so watch this space. Both sides want an order so it’s just about how they can make it work for each of them.