Boeing is still trying to kill CSeries

Boeing simply will not stop trying to kill the CSeries. In a letter to the US Commerce Dept it said that Airbus will never build a US plant because it will cost upwards of $300m.

It added that there isn’t enough production to support the line at Mirabel in Canada, making no effort to suggest more orders might come as Airbus start to sell the aircraft, as they did at Dubai only this week, with 24 new orders.

Boeing urges the US Government to impose taxes and penalties on the aircraft even if they are built in the US.

Tactics like this, attitudes like this, are the lowest of the low. Absolutely fallacious and empty arguments spoken with bile and malice are the arguments of fools and the jealous.

Boeing needs to get a grip and grow up. It’s being childish and pathetic and it looks very bad on the company and it’s managers.