Air Transat’s new livery follows fashion

So here we go a new livery from Air Transat following its 30th birthday.

Airline livery designers seem to have a very limited repertoire of inspiring ideas.

A couple of years ago Teague, who work for Boeing gave us the dipped nose coach line rapidly taken up by United, KLM and EVA Air, although United at least kept it only on the 787, the others adopted it wholesale.

Around the same time other livery specialists provided the first all one colour rear quarter with a band. This is now in use with several airlines – Qantas and Air Transat, Alitalia, Aeroflot, Monarch, and Thomas Cook, to name just a few.

I know aircraft share a common layout and theme, colours go in and out of fashion (look at the auto industry, and see how Audi made White acceptable for nearly 7 years in Northern Europe where it’s considered cheap skate most of the time as a no cost option), but surely, while there’s nothing wrong with these liveries on their own, everyone adopting the same trend gets a bit unimaginative at best.

There are dozens of amateur and professional designers who produce better than this, isn’t it time an airline made a break away from dull convention and did something genuinely attractive but slightly daring?