Emirates doesn’t want A380 Plus

Emirates has said today that it does not want the Airbus A380 Plus if it orders more of the aircraft. While it may well take the wing modifications it’s not interested in the interior changes.

Emirates did accept that a re-engined aircraft was not viable.

However there were indications that the airline would order – if negotiators could make it work, a firm number of A380’s, maybe as many as 40, with a provisional order for another 60 if Airbus assures them the line will stay open to build them for up to 15 years.

Airbus have said that the A380 looses money if production drops below 8 per year, so it would have to meet that rate as minimum. 100 aircraft order would give them over 12 years of production.

Negotiations continue but probably won’t be resolved for at least a week.