British Airways to buy 72 new aircraft, upgrade existing.

CEO of British Airways Alex Cruz seems to have seen the light at last. Facing ever increasing competition and its own tight fisted attitude to keeping customers.

Notorious for removing annoyingly simple things that are basically cheap to provide but annoy customers when gone – things like biscuits in club houses, snacks on short haul flights when you paid a premium to fly on BA, they seem to be seeing that’s not the way forward anymore.

BA has ticked off its customers over and over again, food on long haul premium economy and economy has deteriorated and the service levels generally fall below basic expectations. Customers once loyal (and I was one, but haven’t used them since 2012 after an exploding food tray incident!) have walked and gone elsewhere.

Alex Cruz now accepts that more has to be done to get customer to stay and bring old ones back.

All of BA’s aircraft will be refurbished internally – every seat will get a power supply, economy food will be drastically overhauled on long haul. All aircraft will get high speed wi-fi.

72 new aircraft will be added – 787-10, A350-1000’s on top of existing orders, along with more A320’s and new A321LR’s.

Cruz admitted BA had had a very hard year in 2017, much of it self inflicted, the cabin crew strike is something he personally seems to think should never have happened – I suspect IAG and Willy Walsh had more of a hand in it being dragged out than BA would have liked.

Either way Cruz accepts that customers are walking, competitors are everywhere and offering more alternatives and routes is essential. 

I wouldn’t be surprised to see BA resume long haul from Manchester and even Birmingham in the next couple of years, as it tries to retake and create new routes for new customers.