Etihad begins cancelling US routes following end of American codeshares

American Airlines ended its codeshare with Etihad over the accusations that the ME3 airlines  are subsidised. The fact is 235,000 customers have used the Houston-Abu Dhabi service since 2014 and 80% of them have used American Airlines domestic connecting flights to do so, is apparently irrelevant. Even more bizarrely it’s not like American operate a flight to Abu Dhabi. 

Etihad say that without the code share the flight becomes economically unviable.

American Airlines is not only loosing revenue (after all, according to CEO Doug Parker its impossible for the airline to loose money ever again), but it’s effectively disrespecting its own customers and potential customers by making them find alternatives.

Etihad is looking at all of its US flights to see which ones will have to be ended or amended in the light of the codeshares end.