Delta teases Airbus & Boeing with 100+ single aisle order

Negotiations are deeply detailed and well under way to determine who will get Delta’s largest ever single aisle order. 

Delta is the only one of the US majors not to have committed to either 737Max or A320neo. There’s also something that’s really mystified Ed Bastion, Delta’s CEO. He’s not in the least amused by Boeing’s attitude over the Delta C-Series order, and its attitude to Bombardier generally. 

Indeed there is enough concern being voiced that suggested Boeing’s attitude may swing the overall descision. 

There’s also a touch of painful irony here. Delta objects to the ME3 based on the fact it claims along with American and United, they get state aid. The very thing Boeing claims about Bombardier. It seems a bit rich that Delta thinks it’s perfectly fine to buy aircraft from a company that has indeed received state aid to stop it collapsing, but stands against competition from Emirates, Qatar and Etihad.