Lufthansa signs deal buying up AirBerlin’s assets

Lufthansa Group has finalised a €210 million ($249 million) buyout for a large part of bankrupt AirBerlin’s assets, including Austrian based NIKI and regional carrier LGW.

Eurowings, the groups pan-European LCC will gain most from the arrangement, keeping contracted aircraft and acquiring more. 

Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr told German newspaper Rheinische Post on Thursday that the carrier expected to take over 81 aircraft, employ 3,000 people and invest a total of €1.5 billion or €500,000 per job saved in the deal. 

What remains of AirBerlin was set to be bought up by easyJet, but that deal was described by insiders as close to collapse when easyJet reduced its offer.