UPS begins 747-8F operations

Handed over on the 29th September, UPS has commenced operations with its second 748F N607UP.

The first aircraft N605UP has been used for training and will enter service in the coming weeks.

The deployment of 16 of these aircraft over the next couple of years will transform UPS scheduled global services. allowing more to be carried to key destinations more quickly, cutting out several stops and redefining the global distribution pattern in a way that will enhance the companies operations.  

UPS has options on 14 more if the first 16 work as planned.

Filling an aircraft of this size is a massive undertaking, and to keep them profitable they must run at least 80% full on every flight. This means UPS will learn to schedule and refine it’s process to maximise their use. 

The 748F – especially if 30 end up in service, will help transform and maximise the UPS network over the coming years, for ever greater efficiencies in a cutthroat market.