easyJet will start  Berlin operations post-AirBerlin deal

easyJet is planning German domestic flights from Berlin to Stuttgart, Dusseldorf and Munich if it’s bid to acquire parts of the bankrupt AirBerlin’s short-haul business is finalised. 

easyJet submitted an offer for up to 30 AirBerlin A320s, all of which will operate from Berlin. If the deal is finalised as expected, easyJet will get a market share in Berlin of 60%.

AirBerlin’s negotiations with the short list of bidders, (which includes the Lufthansa Group and easyJet),for parts of the insolvent airline will continue until October 12th.

Lufthansa’s bid for AirBerlin’s assets is aimed at keeping the 38 Airbus A319 & A320’s it currently wet leases from the bankrupt airline. Lufthansa is also interested in AirBerlin’s subsidiaries LGW, Austrian  based NIKI, and 13 of AirBerlin’s Airbus A320’s a i e those it already operates.